Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Think of me like a sister"

Heard the classic romantic put-down line in a classic setting yesterday - Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night!

My lord so please you, these things further thought on,
To think me as well a sister as a wife

Oh yes, the man's influence is till on.

This is the first Shakespeare play I've seen - with all its old English dialogues intact - so I was quite kicked that I understood the story despite my utter ignorance of Twelfth Night, and for that matter, of Shakespeare. Of course, I did not understand most of the dialogues. But modern stories have borrowed so much from the genius that I meandered the plot with ease, and even guessed what the outcome would be. Bollywood Zindabad!


Tohou Lidia said...

Hmm...i've never seen Twelfth Night! I admit, i'm not that into Shakespeare! we studied it in school and i had to watch Macbeth and Hamlet but all and all it didn't impress me greatly! Maybe it's because i'm not a tragic person! But he is one of the men alot fo pop culture is based on i guess!

The One said...

So did you go with hubby or the hot(?) GS date that you were putting fight for?