Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The last laugh

Vipul thinks every thing's about him. He's so wrong. Every thing's about me.

When I give him a hard time, with my outbursts or my silences, as the case may be, it is not because he's done something wrong, but just because it comes naturally to me. I have the innate ability to ask the wrong questions, and I like to use it.

Do you love me more or cricket?
Then why do you want me to stop standing in front of the TV?
Would you suggest that if I were Angelina Jolie?
Or if I was Bipasha Basu?
Or if I was Madhubala?
Or if I... c'mon do you actually believe the begging pose will work?
Why don't you answer? You don't like talking to me?
If you prefer Tendulkar why didn't you marry HIM?
Why did I marry you?
...It's unstoppable - just as Einstein's genius could not be kept in check by his low grades and a clerk's job, my capability to screw my husband (no pun intended) is beyond redress.

Now I know, you will say that North Korea should not go off exploding N-bombs just because it can, and likewise maybe I should try keep my trap shut for a bit. But then, you don't know how much training I had to give my husband. Eight years ago he saw my midriff in a tight tee-shirt and sniggered: Tyres look good only on vehicles HaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Today he has evolved into someone who lands up at the airport with roses to receive me and notices my shades of tan.

Guns have there uses.
Revenge has a long life.


Anand said...

er..have you ever met Ekta?? You two will get along just great!

Anonymous said...

that was FUNNY. am making arj read it:D

IR said...

hi nice blog

if you prefer Tendulkar why didn't you marry HIM?
-very funny

Quicksilver! said...

This was ROFL funny. Loved reading it!

Note to self: Please have a training session under Anujeshwari devi before contemplating marriage.

Stone said...

oops, thats scary!!
dunno to say...
More power to Vipul!

Anuja Byotra said...

IR, Mayuri, thanks for grinning! I'll be happy to provide free training anytime :)

Stome, relayed your solidarity to Vipul and he wonders if the woman's pics on your blog had something to do with the empathy!