Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The good thing about having women guests at home is that I get good excuses and great company to dress up with.

The bad part is that when we ask around how we look, we get standard replies. And I'm not talking about the universal "nice" and "no you don't look fat, you're just fine" statements.

"That bag is too Shabby" says my husband of almost every bag I pick up. Everything's either too shabby, or too frayed, or too old, or too used, or some such thing.

Is this, I imagine out loud, what he's going to tell me when I develop crow's feet, and laugh lines, and frown burrows, and patchy baldness after using my body another twenty years?

To which I'm told: Of course not! Those stand for character. They represent the life you've lived, the sorrows you've been through, the moments you've grown from... they're going to be souveniers that we'll treasure. (Ok so my husband didn't exactly say that, but Oprah probably did)

To which my point is that: if a shabby face is beautiful because of the life that lies behind it, then why not a frayed bag or a braised car or holed shoes? Why can't my man look beyond my Shabby Bag, and discover its amazing elegance and worldly-wisdom? And why can't he appreciate my dad's car's unrepaired dents and be impressed by its Houdini-like escapes? Why doesn't he go gaga over the WWF-ness of our chipped glass decoration pieces, and laugh at my clumsiness that they represent?

And while he's at it, any chance that he also expand his vocab beyond "nice" and "fine"???


Ekta said...

Think ur expecting too much outta men!
Mine just nods his heaf..atleast urs uses words..:-)!!

Amy said...

Wow, awesome entry, made an amazing amount of sense! I totally agree with you about the bag! I have so many things that i just can't bear to throw out, i think the more u use something, the more it becomes more personalized and suited to you!
Great entry!

Quicksilver! said...

If it’s any consolation….I bought this gorgeous bag recently. Very, very roomy and really chic and my sister tells me it looks like a …hold your breath…dog!!! I am still gob smacked! ;)))))))

Gurdeepak said...

Ha ha! Nice read.

Gurdeepak said...

I meant "NICE" read!

Anonymous said...

i'm not even married yet and all Arjun said about whatever "new" stuff i have bought so far is "cute" and "nice" and "it's too small and short"!!limited vocab...u said it.
btw...i asked u to call me..

-ur still very broke sister