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Monday, August 07, 2006


Last couple of weeks I was absent from the blogosphere for a very noble cause. I was busy helping the Hong Kong retail sector improve its performance. My sister, here on a visit from India, and I, did all we could to ensure that the shopping festival was a success. Visiting malls, eating out, buying stuff that looks good on mannequins today and will hopefully fit us by next summer, etc etc. It has been hectic, but now she's gone, and I'm back, and we're both broke.

Meanwhile, Minoo instead is alive and kicking, even if a tad forgetful. She talks via barks, and licks our feet, and sleeps on her back at times, and thus has clearly lost her identity along with the owner. But luckily she hasn't forgotten how to use the litter box, so I cannot complain!


Ekta said...

aww...shes looks soo adorable!!
We should meet up soon!

Anonymous said...

Anu I love Minoo! She's sooo cute :) have to trudge down to Hk again to see her.

In frisco right now. having a good time with mona and sachin...

going to NYC next week before i head back.

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

broke sister here...hello...why dnt u put that snap of her where she's drinking water from the tap??or u think her owner will sue you if he sees it;) ??