Thursday, September 18, 2008

Indian ethos explained with cows

Thought it was time we had an India edition for the Cow Series. So here goes:

You have two cows. Raj Thackrey demands they go back to Bihar because they can't speak Marathi.

You have two cows. A mob sets your house on fire because a politician conjectured you run a beef factory.

West Bengal
You have two cows. They produce no milk. You go on strike because the government won't pay for the milk.

You have two cows. They emigrate to Canada and send you money every month.

You have two cows. But Laloo Yadav has a lathi. So he borrows them for his son's wedding.

You have two cows. The police arrests them because they are suspected Naxalites.

You have two cows. God help the driver who runs them over while they graze on the highway.

You have one cow. But after all that Feni they begin to look like two.

You have no cow. Or food. Or water.

You have no cow. But you have a Phd in animal husbandry.

You have two cows. They are pregnant. You order an ultrasound to make sure this time they deliver bulls.

Tamil Nadu
Your daughter is a fat cow. A director chooses her to be the heroine in his movie. All men in lungis love her. It's a super hit.



Split said...

Andhra Pradesh:

You have two cows, one is in the US and the other is fudging its CV to include expertise in C++ to get to the US on an H1-B

quirky indian said...

Very nice.

You could do this one for Rajasthan (though its very similar to your Haryana version, which was pretty good):

You have two bulls because there are no cows left.


Quirky Indian

Phoenix said...

hahah! Kerala: You have a cow. But the commies think it belongs to everybody.

Quicksilver! said...

I love this post!With Bihar and Haryana vying for top favorites!:)))
Errrrrr....It's RAJ Thackrey.Uddhav is the nice one *wonders if she is speaking too soon*

Anuja byotra said...

lol Glad to get everyone's submissions on board!

Q, thanks for the correction! (grins sheepishly) The post stands updated.

Anonymous said...

hahahha...tell me the inspiration was that poster we used to have!

Ekta said...

u forgot J&K...!!
You still have one cow. It produced milk in 1947 and India and Pakistan are still fighting who owns the milk.

Anonymous said...

Karnataka: You have one cow but the neighbour claims the milk because it drinks his water...

Great post!!!

Gurdeepak said...

Nagaland: You have two cows and both demand an independent state to graze on!

Loved your post!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post - very creative. Sameera

fungus said...

is an understatement :D

Raccoon said...

hahahahaha! this is seriously hilarious! excuse me while i steal it and forward to friends:)

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I now look forward to my migration back to the animal kingdom that is India.