Monday, July 17, 2006

She's five years old. And she's been sulking since morning, right from the time she entered my home. Not quite what I'd expected foster parenting to be - I mean, sure, I had excpected tantrums, and sobbing, and a distant stranger. But Minoo has come with a different set of stress symptoms atogether.

She's sneaked under the bed, and lodged herself between a high suitcase and the low bed panelling, and refuses to come out. She also refuses to eat or drink. It would have been a total crisis situation except for the fact that she does at least meow in conversation once in a while. And she lets herself be scratched with my outstretched hand after I slither my (nearly) three decades old body at ground level. Then she suddenly comes alive and maneouvres her head and neck so that I get the spots right. But that's about it.

I wonder how many more hours to go before she'll fell confident enough to venture out, and whether it will be possible to vaccum out her hair from our black bag when she does. I hope it happens before her five weeks at my place are up. For one thing, if she doesn't get back her spirit and enslave my husband soon, he may veto all my plans of adopting a cat by end of this year!


Anand said...

hey wow!
U guys have a dog and now looking forward to a cat!
Looks like u are ready to be parents!

V N said...

hope she has finally ventured out by now. she looks like one docile kitty though!
and all the very best regarding the impending adoption towards the year end!

Ekta said...

so cute...Hope she finally gets out and hope she doing fine!

Amy said...

beautiful kitten, i love her. Are u usually a cat person, or more of a dog person? I like dogs personally but you can't go past kittens cause they're just too gorgeous!

Gurdeepak said...

She'll be 6 years old by the time you post anything new!!!!