Monday, August 21, 2006

I knew Indian organisations were thinking global like never before. But I guess I hadn't really reckoned just how much till I saw this in my newspaper today:
a medical college in Bijapur (???who's ever heard of such a place outside of a Bollywood movie!!) advertising to potential students in Hong Kong!

Nope, I wasn't reading some small-time paper targeted at the Indian minority abroad, but HK/China's mainstream english newspaper, South China Morning Post. Of course, knowing what pre-coffee mornings can be, for a few seconds after I saw the ad even I did wonder whether I'd lost my bearings and was actually sitting over damn old TOI.

Now I can well imagine what inspired this secluded place in Karnataka to want NRIs on its rolls, but what on earth makes them expect a response? Having never heard their name till date, I doubt their NRI hostel on Sholapur Road is filled chockablock. But hell, no business house affiliation (which a good number of small little medical schools across the counrty are) would waste money like this without reason. Any ideas?


Irshad said...

Where do you think Rama Bijapurkar ancestors came from? :D

But yes, why on Earth would a medical college in Bijapur target HK residents? The huge Indian populace there and the fee differential perhaps? I'm sure if they pay in HK$ it'll still be cheaper than studying in Sing sing...

Quicksilver! said...

Like it or not, but you've been tagged!! :)))) Check my blog for details!;))))