Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sounds like a plan

So many words have lost their identity in today's lingo. 'Gay' has given up all its happiness to become a pain in the ass. 'Babe' has transformed itself, probably all thanks to pedophiles, into someone fetching. 'Bitch' the dog has turned vicious and 'Stud' the horse has acquired attraction while 'cuckoo' the bird has lost its mind.

But the most disconcerting, for us women at least, has been the demise of the meaning of healthy. Once upon a time, it meant glowing skin and white teeth and stamina and all things beautifully normal. Nowadays its usage is limited to the following conversation:
"Do I look fat?"
"Oh No Darling, you are only healthy"
"(sound of bobbitisation) "

Of course, I am not complaining here because I happen to be "healthy". I am no such thing. Sure, like all women in the world, I may have sometimes suspiciously wondered whether the man who vacated the seat for me in the bus did so because he thought that I was pregnant. But those were just unfounded concerns (My husband assures me).

Unfortunately, it is no longer enough to be unfat. Have you seen the influx of the new breed of 6-packs in the music videos? Nelly Furtado, Pussycat Dolls, Fergie, ... I cannot dismiss away these new midriffs as an unattractive illness as I did for the anorexic chics. And I'm turning increasingly distraught: how do I ignore fight this toned old-fashioned-healthy?

Honestly, this world is getting too small to fit Beyonce with abs and Me without. I guess I should join a gym.

Or even better, I should just stop seeing Channel [V].


vinay said...

:-)stop watching channel [V]..hehehehee...that's easier!!!i have thz friend of mine...she gets so angry when i say.."uma...you look fat in this dress"..she will scream..fight...hit..bite....otherwise she is so mature and composed!!!!women!!!!

Tohou Lidia said...

Totally agree with this post! I'm guessing abs used to make a woman seem unladylike...now you have to have them to be "healthy" or "sexy". It's silly. I have a gym membership but i'm not goign to kill myself trying to look like those women :) I'm from that old school thinking that says...well you only ever have to woo one guy with your looks :) If those Pussycat dolls are sexy...i don't think i want to be sexy :)

Quicksilver! said...

I think Beyonce is dangerously tethering on the edge of being HUGE. Seriously! She, and J Lo have the most disproportionate bodies ever but clever stylists and make up people ensure that it seems otherwise :) Its called fashion-illusion :) of course, the assurance and confidence that comes with million dollar deals must be helping some, too :)
I think Fergie, Nelly Furtado and the Pussycat dolls are nice looking but I don’t find them attractive at all.
And six-pack abs? Nah! One can be sexy without them. I gym for the sheer fun of it and because it’s cheaper to stay healthy these days;)))

alex said...

No Comments. :D