Sunday, February 18, 2007

I don't know if it's a delhi thing, but we never used to serve guests water in our home. We'd offer cold drinks, juices, lemonade, mango panna, rooh afza, anything - but water. The feeling went that something so flavourless, colourless, and fragrance-free as water made it simply unfit to serve, why the guest could even be offended!

The result is that I and my sister, much to the disconcertedness of our respective husbands, have grown up to become nearly camels. Like the animal, we go without the fluid for long time - sometimes days - but unlike it, we have no ritual to store it in our body in advance. I know, I know - I ought to be having 10 glasses a day, and after years of lectures I have improved a lot by now. Still, I try to get away with the substitutes as much as possible - warm water, honey/lemon water, flavoured tea water, salted water, anything - but plain water.

Am now wondering if living in a high humidity place can excuse me from drinking it. Can't I just inhale it and get it over with?


The One said...

In case you're looking for an answer, it is No!

Tohou Lidia said...

I know what your talking about! i've always hated water and only now have just started drinking it in big amounts :) Apparently the more you drink it the more you like it!


Anonymous said...

this is one thing i will definitely make arjun read! i get long lectures everyday to drink more water...i have started but i cnt help feeling that im having a medicine:p

vinay said...

i have TANG!!!all the time!!water taste so "tasteless" :-))