Sunday, September 03, 2006

Munnabhai's mindblowing

I went to the hall last night praying for Arshad Warsi to get a lot of screen time. Hoping for a tight script without loose ends. Imagining the possibilities of jokes that weren't reruns. And surprise, surprise, I got it all!

Lage Raho Munnabhai is a superb potboiler that made me laugh non-stop, and I cannot remember the last time this happened to me in a Hindi movie in my adult life. Indeed, apart from Vidya Balan's ultra-long, reshammiya-voiced "Good Morniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing" the movie is simply perfect.

The story, smartly avoiding a pure duplication of Munnabhai MBBS, is the journey of Munna bhai (Sanjay Dutt) wooing his lady love Jahanvi (Vidya Balan). Helping him achieve his goal are mainly two men: one who inspires my heart :D - Circuit (Arshad Warsi), and another who inspires mine and thousands others' souls - Mahatma Gandhi. Full credit goes to the screenplay and dialogues of Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi for marrying Gandhism flawlessly into the script; I love the way they use the serious theme without compromising on the humour, and ultimately manage to create an original, pacy script. Very impressive, especially against the backdrop of copycats that we have been getting lately.

Sanjay Dutt may look a tad old in the movie posters, nevertheless both he and his govinda-coloured-shirts shine through. He has certainly improved his performance in this sequel. Arshad Warsi and his gold chains too are better than ever. In fact, their team performance has convinced me to next have a peek at Anthony Kaun Hai so as to enjoy their chemistry yet again.

Also excellently matched are Boman Irani and his Punju accent. All in all, these three carry the movie on their shoulders to create a hilarious, vivacious, adorable, enthralling experience.

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Quicksilver! said...

Loved Munnabhai-2 too:)Brilliant scripting, direction and performances by all the members of the cast. And I quite liked the story idea, very original I would say; wisdom packaged between lots of laughs. Only the music was a disappointment:(

Ajit Chouhan said...

Kinda all excited to see check the movie this weekend...i think the sequel is best ever.

Amy said...

awww...i wish i lived somewhere where i could easily access movies like this! I'll definately have to write it down as one to order off the net!

Loner said...

A suggestion Anuja :-

Skip 'Anthony Kaun Hai' as your expectations will not be met : (
I too went looking at the cast but felt sad on things I and rest of the crowd had to force ourselves to laugh! story presentation style was different but waste of money.

Instead watch GolMaal ! Good Comedy. Paisa vasool.


Loner said...


dropped here just to recommend "DOR" by Nagesh Kukunoor. An EXCELLENT movie. Go watch and enjoy.