Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Vipul and I recently completed seven years together, so I guess it was time I started getting the itch. Still, had not expected things to turn out so literally disconfitting! Past couple of weeks, have been feeling surprisngly like the princess in the fairytale that also stars the pea.

(For the forgetful, the story revolves around the real princess, proven to be real by the fact that she feels back-wrecking discomfiture from a single pea that rests below her bedding, a bedding that consists of 20 fat mattresses.)

Unfortunately, I can't even find that pea. Every few days or so, bouts of restlessness assail me in the morn and the weight of insomnia plagues me at night. As if something incomprehensible is nudging me to distraction. Nothing feels comfortable: the sofa's are too light, the floor too hard, the chairs unsufferably constricting, the matterss a big bore.... I feel like shedding my skin like a snake and slipping into something more comfortable and new. My body right now feels like an outfit two sizes too small, and as if I was doing yoga in it.

Fellow insomniacs may know what I mean. It's so frustrating!

The cuplprit is probably too match caffiene, or too little exercise. Anyhow, won't be surprised if I jump into meditation next for a cure. Pity, that unlike the parable, I have no royal blood nor riches to make up for the problem.


Quicksilver! said...

Warm milk? Counting sheep? Nothing?

Well, Pranayam put me to sleep, literally!:))))

P:S:Congratulations on the 7 completed years.Wishing you both many more esctatic ones to follow(without the insomnia, though)


Loner said...

Soothing music worked for me!
Recommend Prem Joshua's "Sky kisses the Earth". Put it softly at night, shut the lights, close your eyes and let me know next morning : )

Amy said...

I reackon go to the video store and just rent out heaps and heaps of movies, or the box set of your favourite television series - on your weekend, just completely stay up watching them...don't go to sleep until the Sunday afternoon and then sleep. You'll be so tired that you'll just have the best sleep of your life. Also make sure to stock up on chocolate! And make your husband sit and watch with you!

Irshad said...

Too match coffee? What sort of sentence is that for a journo!

IRIS said...

Well, insomnia is becoming quite a pain for me I got no tips to offer.
But yeah, I loved the way you wrote!