Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I guess, after all, that I am not that artistic.

Last few movies that I've seen - all of them being the award-winning, criticially acclaimed variety - have left me quite untouched. Sure I sat through all of them, not entirely bored, and even admiring as the occassion demanded: the composition of frames here, the placement of a certain prop there, the depth of acting, the grace of certain dialogues - but that only goes on to show I was simply not engrossed enough to get lost in the movie and was instead analysing the technicalities in a detached fashion.

Of course, I defended them robustly to my lesser-pretentious half, who had declined to see some of these movies at all and gave up some more half-way. Unlike him, I persevered, intent on broadening my mind with these works of art, and impressing upon my husband and my myself just how discerning I was. So cool and oh! so refined.

But I guess it is time to give up.

Flattering though it is to have the DVD shop assistant handing me what I want with aplomb, diving right into his collection where he knows exactly where the coveted item is and handing it to me with a smile that only two people who care about the same thing can share - it is time to move on to other things less worthy.

It's not as if I love slapstick, but a doubt that I will ever understand just why The Dreamers is about innocence and not incestuous porn. And that can only mean one thing: I'm no high-brow.


vikram said...

Its not the you aren't high-brow Anuja, its just that you aren't french....they communicate through porn :-D...am kidding and I am neither racist nor a hater, just have a bad sense of humor. Actually I am just Vikram....Khanna, from delhi. Can't believe I found your website hopping from blog to blog..you write well. Drop me a line, its vikram@mrl.ucsb.edu. We'll catch up a little.

The One said...


So one of them was The Dreamers- can we have some other names? I saw Matchpoint recently and it seemed strangely contrived. Thankfully, I am not aware of technicalities to defend mediocre movies on those grounds.

Aur kya? I am bored.


The One said...

You're tagged.

Quicksilver! said...

No news is always good news:)))) Hope you are having a super time that is keeping you from posting for so long;))))