Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just after I've signed in for a gym membership that costs more money than a liposuction and more effort than photoshopping my pictures online, turns out that exercising, to put it delicately, is F%^&*$# Crap at reducing weight.
"In general, for weight loss, exercise is pretty useless," says Eric Ravussin, chair in diabetes and metabolism at Louisiana State University and a prominent exercise researcher.

Yes, you read it right.
I know,today's not the first of April.

Above quote is a serious comment from a serious article expounding on the impotency of exercise for weight loss in the latest issue of The Times.

Frankly I am not surprised. After my first month at the gym I certainly had started to gain some suspicions, not to mention some weight as well. Thanks to some new-age machine which measures composition of body mass, I found that a fortnight of workouts later, I was an extra pound heavier, that's right - heavier - not in promised muscle but plain good old fat. This, despite exercising at least thrice a week, with weights and cardio and teeth gnashing and a resolution to finish the twenty minute cycling setting even if it landed my trainer in jail for unintended manslaughter.

Thankfully writer John Cloud had the guts to ask the question which most of us dare only throw out as a feeble joke.
Could exercise actually be keeping me from losing weight?

The answer? Let me just say that the only way you will lose wait after exercising is if you are so sore that there is no way you'll take the long painful walk all the way to the fridge to eat something even if that something is covered all over Brad Pitt. or Johnny Depp. or Bruce Willis. Whatever works for you. Except that it won't work coz you'll be too tired to crawl to them. And they won't be there anyway. Unless you are Angelina Jolie, in which case you are not reading this nor do you need to lose a single nanometer.

Anyway, the point being that unless you stop eating, that weight is going nowhere. But after exercise, what is more likely is that you will be too sore to cook, yet not so sore that you can't call Dominoes for home delivery and instantly wipe out in a single bite all that you had perspired so hard to lose. In fact, leave alone Pizza, even a Gatorade can wash away the benefits of all the toil and sweat you worked up.

Worse, all the self-control you used to get on the treadmill means you have a lesser quota of will-power when faced with a choice between Truffle cake and soya beans. Don't believe me? Hear the experts.

Self-control is like a muscle: it weakens each day after you use it. If you force yourself to jog for an hour, your self-regulatory capacity is proportionately enfeebled. Rather than lunching on a salad, you'll be more likely to opt for pizza.
No wonder my gym doesn't come with a satisfaction guarantee money return policy.


Gypsy Girl said...

I knew it!!! There had to be a reason why i didn't lose weight post the first pregnancy!!! :) Figured i might as well get the second one done with before i make any more effort!! As for self control... hmmmmphh!

Flaneur said...

Curious that I should read this the day I have ONLY been fretting over my weight between taking sips from the 3rd diet cola can since morning and swallowing boiled soya my FB status reads I can kill to lose weight...

Raksha said...

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Gypsy Girl said...

Hey Anuja..
Just noticed something funny. The google ad above your post has to do with losing weight. " Lose weight now" how to lose belly fat"


aashyita said...

you've got to be kidding me!! All that jogging and walking with Stewie is of no use????

Always on the move said...

Try walking on the treadmill instead of gaping at the hunks on the floor ;)