Friday, May 04, 2007


When I run out of words for my blog and there are no tags to push me out of the drought, I simply open my diary and recycle thoughts from long ago. I guess today is just perfect for an old poem, written when I began feeling a tad stagnant in my life. It's the reason why my blogs are becoming less frequent, and it is why I am off cavorting to Europe alone next month: I need to taste blood!

I miss my hormones
I miss feeling
the blood in my veins
the buzz in my head
the beat of my heart
the ringing in my ears
I miss ...just feeling

When did the days change?
When exactly did I stop enthusiastically dissecting my life over cups of coffee
or chai
or whatever cheapest vodka I'd managed to buy?

When did that world twist into work
just work, and then some couch and TV?

I must be off
To find something else
To feel something new
To just feel

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Gurdeepak said...

Something for you,

"Take me to the places I've never been,
those I've dreamt of, but; have never seen.

These deserted paths here and those meadows lush green,
take me to every corner; that I've never been.

Take me to the lake, that forms from cold water stream,
take me past horizons, for I am all very keen.

Take me through the ups and downs,
Along the rocky mountains; so very mean.
Throw me high and push me back,
let me tread the treacherous pathways; clean.

Then slow me down when I'm going fast
and let me grow in this nature..serene!
Take me to the places I've never been,
Take me! To the places I've never seen."