Friday, April 27, 2007


Been tagged by Quicksilver and it's been tough coz I could have copy-pasted nearly everything she claimed as my own (even the ice cubes munching)! Nevertheless, with a bit of tweaking to avoid copyright battles, here's me unplugged:

3 things that scare me
1) on-screen horror, right from Zee Horror show to The Ring
2) Insects, dead and alive
3) Roadside Romeos in Delhi

3 people who make me laugh
1) Dave Barry
2) "News" Channels
3) Russell Peters

3 things I love
1) Day-dreaming
2) Traveling
3) Writing

3 things I hate
1) Fanatics: especially Hitler, George Bush and Narendra Modi
2) Racism
3) Eve teasing

3 things I don't understand
1) Men
2) Cars
3) Men's love for cars

3 things on my desk
1) A fancy coaster
2) Lots of pencils
3) My elbow, as it supports my chin

3 things I’m doing right now
1) Contemplating having a Diet Lime Coke
2) Dreaming about my next vacation (Europe! anyone there in June?)
3) Typing this entry

3 things I want to do before I die
1) Backpack in Europe (yes, happening in June :))
2) Learn the guitar
3) Have the perfect beach body for at least 7 days in a row, while I'm on a beach holiday

3 things I can do
1) Make amazing breakfasts: outstanding cheese omelets, generously topped pancakes, and spicy Poha
2) Dance bollywood style
3) Take bad haircut decisions

3 things you should listen to
1) 'Silent Night' by Simon and Garfunkel
2) 'Chupke Chupke' by Ghulam Ali
3) 'With or Without You' by U2

3 things you should never listen to
1) George Bush
2) Star News
3) Telemarketing calls

3 things I'd like to learn
1) Kung Fu fighting
2) Guitaring
3) Politeness

3 favorite foods
1) Pancakes with maple syrup, bananas and whipped cream (blueberries on the side)
2) Chocolate sponge cake, topped with Herscheys syrup
2) Rajma - chawal

3 beverages I drink regularly
1) Masala Chai
2) Guava and watermelon Juices
3) Green Tea

3 childhood TV shows / books
1) the sci-fi serial where a alien in a computer (named Alpha from Andromeda Galaxy) helps his Earth friends travel through time (can't remember the name!)
2) Neev / Neenv
3) Yeh jo hai Zindagi

1) Doctor Who - the love of my life
2) ALL hindi comics: Amar Chitra Katha, Mama-bhanja, Nanaji aur Rumjhum, Pinky, Chacha Bhatija, Daddy-ji, Mahabali Shaka, Phauladi Singh, etc etc
3) ALL Enid Blyton books, especially, Faraway Tree and Five Find outers (Fatty and Bets!) series

Note: The serial was Indradhanush. Thanks Bajaj!


~IRIS~ said...

WOw! Kung fu fighting... That would be quite a thing to learn, isn't it? :-))))
Lol@all the hindi comics:D They were kinda cute, weren't they?
Loved reading your answers here.

Quicksilver! said...

Thank you, Anuja!:)
If there is anything more I love than being Tagged (whether by others or by forcing it on self) is reading the answers of fellow-intelligent human beings!;))) Loved your answers!:))
And if you had planned your June-Euro-Trip for May I would be greeting you with a diverse assortment of ‘Hello’s’ in a diverse assortment of countries!;)
Bon Voyage! :))

Quicksilver! said...

Hello There Elusive Woman!

Do you realize there are no contact details on your blog :)

Check your Ryze PM for a message from me and mail me at for more.

harsh said...

hey, you still read hindi comics - me too!!! can't get over the addiction till date... they're really awesome. have a collection of super commando dhruv and nagraj - if you read that. are you coming for the mumbai alumni meet ? I'm one of the coordinators. :)