Monday, December 26, 2005

For the times, they are a changing

And I mean that quite literally - coz I'm shifting from GMT+8 to GMT+5.30; from Hong Kong, BACK TO INDIA !

So, good bye Jackie Chan
and so long, golden shoes
[you won't believe what passes for footwear in HK!]

Nariyal pani on nariman point - here I come !!!

Yep, am quite happy about getting back. Last trip to India was in Diwali last November... been a long time.

I quite love Bombay. And even if I didn't, I would miss it. Coz, home towns are home towns, and where else can you just pick up a phone and find someone or the other to sack out the day with? Where else can you venture out without planning a day in advance? Where else do you have 50 numbers in the phonebook at your beck and call? And if you are someone who has found all this in your new city, then I guess it is your new city that you consider home.

As for me, I've been missing all these options. And am looking forward to old company over drinks and dinners and sidey movies in the front rows. And should everyone be too busy for that, then just sulking alone by the sunset at Marine drive will be fine too.

Am already making plans to make the rounds of all my favourite places : Polly Esther. OMO. NCPA. Mondy's. Totos. Mocha. Colaba. blah. blah. blah. And if I don't visit all these places (for let's face it I'm getting old and losing all party energy) - it'll just be nice to know I have the option go there whenever I want to.

Moreover, it will be nice to hear people talk in a language that I know. Even though it will be disconcerting to find that people will understand what I'm speaking. Currently I can shout on the top of my voice in a bus about anything and anyone sitting next to me, and their lousy golden ballet shoes. Will have to really watch my tongue after next week!

But that's hardly an issue
Coz I'm getting to go HOME!

p.s. Of course, after 2 months in India, don't be surprised if I start lamenting about India's roads and politicians and traffic jams and, well, everything. Cribbing's my hobby, and India provides great avenues for it!


Ekta said...

Hey babe,
Whats this??
U guys going week????
This is sudden!!
Will call u soon-and needless to say am green with jealousy right now:-(

Anonymous said...

The land for me: Unknown
The land far away from home

The land that admired my child’s play
The land that turned me back to clay.

The land that heard me cry as a slave
The land, where sea sent hope with every wave.

The land that taught me the rules of the game
The land, for one and for all- just the same.

The land that set me new notions The land that responds to my emotions.

And finally for me
It is this MAN’S LAND That ‘can’…. UNDERSTAND.

- Gurdeepak (Welcome Back!)

The One said...

Homecoming party on 7th. My place.


Quicksilver! said...

Welcome back!:-))))))))))