Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guitar Blues

I'm learning to play the guitar and it is going fine.

And by fine I mean better than I expected, and what I expected was that people will ask me to sing for them and I'll end up making a fool of myself, but so far no one, by which I mean No One Except One Friend Who is Neither my Husband Nor my Mother Both of Whom Had the Opportunity to Request has asked me to strum a sample, and by opportunity to request I mean the last six months that I've been learning, and oh, that one request I absolutely refused.

So while I am happy my musical prowess reputation remains intact, I suspect the reputation is not worth intact-keeping.

And I also wonder why Vipul isn't begging me to croon for him, which can only mean one of the following:
(likely) Love is blind, not deaf
(Very Likely) He doesn't love me
(Bullshit) He expects me to swallow the reason he gave me when I confronted him [Apparently he doesn't want me to be uncomfortable and knows I will strum for him when I ready and confident. He really said that. With a straight face and puppy eyes.]

Anyway, I realise I am probably being anal by thinking too much about why he doesn't have greater confidence in my abilities. The reason doesn't matter. He is already getting overcooked food on his dinner plate and additional calories in his breakfast and he has not yet begun to wonder the reason this has been happening.

And once I'm ready and confident about my skills, I'll upload the video for you guys :) !
(And by ready and confident about my skills I mean on video and sound editing software)


Gypsy Girl said...

haha! you're atleast playing it.. i haven't taken it out of its case for a year.. and the man is beating himself for buying it! :)

Soul Kitchen said...

Hiya! Great, to have seen you blog, and to know of your "accomplishments" ....blog more often, its always lovely reading

split_infinitive said...

Ask Vipul to tell you the Shivji and Guita joke sometime....

Anuja said...

LOL found the shivji and guitar joke on a blog :)

anuja said...

hey waiting for your video upload-sure it will be superb !