Monday, October 05, 2009

What's your nightmare?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but "What's your Rashee" is not the worst movie I've ever seen.

It certainly comes close, given that its 14 songs stretch across a length of film that would have been less painful if I had strangled myself with it and positively delightful if I had strangled Harman Baweja with it. That insipid man needs a personality, a haircut, some lip synching lessons and most importantly, a new profession.

And I need friends who don't bully me into seeing his movies.

Anyway, misery needs sharing. So please bear this story...

It all begins with a family who is told by an astrologer that the day their younger son gets married (in fact, precisely at the fourth turn around the wedding fire), will be the day he becomes amazingly rich. This revelation brings them a much needed respite - because their older son has a pregnant wife, a gambling habit, an utter disregard for fiscal responsibilities, and owing to the last, a chance of getting jailed.

So naturally our NRI hero flies down from the DJ-ing nightlife of Chicago to the Gujarati accent of Mumbai. We find out he is hardworking, loving, intelligent, dutiful and a thousand other good adjectives. He is willing to get married in a jiffy for the benefit of his family and the script-writer.

Indeed his only fault - and this is nit-picking really - is his unexplainable interest in bad literature such as bedtime reading of a book called "What's your Rashee". After which our hero gets over his jet-lag and falls asleep, but our nightmare begins because the book gives him the insight that there are twelve types of girls in this world. And thanks to this, he insists that twelve girls - all Priyanka Chopras with a unique star-sign, wardrobe and make-up assigned to themselves- are shortlisted as prospective candidates.

As it turns out:
One is not a virgin. Another has no intentions of remaining one.
One wants to be a superstar model. Another is already a celebrity of sorts.
One wants to marry him to emigrate. Another wants him to stay behind.
One is too young to be legally married. Another is too immature to be married at all.
One pretends to be insane. Another pretends to be modern.
One thinks they were destined to be married. Another thinks she is destined to marry another.
All of them sing awful songs.
None of them can dance.

How the four paragraphs I have written above got translated into a mind-boggling four-hours of screen-time is a mystery I am not prepared to unravel. But if you do wish to see the movie anyway... you bloody Guantanamo Bay torture items collectors! We liberals will hunt you down and make you see Sholay Part II and Shortcut! (Yah, those are the two worst movies I've ever seen).


Sumit said...

WOW!! Roger Ebert would be proud of that review. Scathing to the extreme! :)

I'm glad that I sure won't be watching this movie, thanks to your comments on it, Anuja.

Gypsy Girl said...

Hahaha! I saw was awfully long.. loved the review

det-res said...

Wow, made you write and awesome funny post out of it though.. I think a 'lil' pain might be a good thing after all.

Quirky Indian said...

I stayed far, far away from Rashee....nice to know it was a good decision.

Did you watch Hadippa, btw? :-)


Quirky Indian

Pragnya said...
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Pragnya said...

Wow!! You managed to write it.
Loved your words...