Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There can only be one explanation for it. Vipul thinks giving me flowers is a leading cause of cancer. I cannot imagine why else he refuses to indulge in the practice in public places, wrinkles his nose when anyone else does, and then retires to the balcony alone when I ask for some.

Of course, it is hard to believe that anyone could suffer from such a delusion. But then, we are talking about Vipul, a person who voluntarily sees cricket matches that extend for five days in the expectation that they will be exciting and that India will win.

Me: Can we go buy a new chair for the corner next to the table which will become free after we move the chair at the opposite corner to the middle and put the cushions currently in the corner in its place?
Vipul: *silence for the 5 seconds it takes the bowler on TV to run up* Amazing! You saw that? Awesome, no?
Me: No. Can we go
Vipul: Go? Go where? We can't go anywhere! It's Hong Kong versus Bangladesh!
Me: How come you have time for cricket but no time for buying me flowers? How come
Vipul: There's a great view from the balcony

Really. It's not like I asked for a bouquet of poppy flowers. And even if I did, it's not like poppy flowers are intoxicating. And even if they are, the point is my asking for something and not getting it can be a leading cause of accidents.

Yes, the balcony has a great view. And great dropping height too.


Gypsy Girl said...

grin!!!my man used to surprise me with roses( which i dislike)once in a blue moon. and then used to wonder at my lack of enthusiasm. it took a couple of blue moons to realise i prefer gerberas and lilies and now i get them more often coz some poor soul is trying to sell them to him at a traffic signal. :)If he had go in search of flowers to a florist....
P.s. he believes in giving flowers to my mom though. and ma gives dad the look and learn look!!!! ;)

The One said...

I am told he has plenty of balconies to choose from :-)