Monday, December 31, 2007

I have nothing to wear. And judging by the rush in shopping malls today, no one in Hong Kong has anything to wear.

So all of us were out there, searching for something to wear tonight, frenziedly skimming through piles of clothes on sale, holding up hangars in front of mirrors, sighing in queues for fitting rooms, disheveling our hair for the only size available of the only thing we liked and failing to fit through.

Yes life is tough and shopping doubly so. And I still have nothing to wear for the party tonight. But at least I am prepared for the picnic next summer. (Or I will be, if the gym pays off!)

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Ekta said...

asume this is the day before new yrs...:-))
So i am assuming u finally found something to wear?
I wish I had a stylist...someone to shop for me...I hate shopping!!
Lets catch up soon!