Thursday, September 06, 2007

RGV ki $%^$%^$^%#%$ Aag

Contrary to what you may think I'm suggesting from the headline above, Aag is not a stinky dropping of crap.
No. It is an entire Biogas plant. It is a biogas plant with piles so high they could be used to light up the whole of Mumbai.

I know that the cinema lovers among you will still see Aag, irrespective of what I say, because after all it is:
1. RGV
2. Amitabh Bachchan
3. Sholay remake
4. conversation topic
So, I will not bother with a critique and in fact I shall go so far as to recommend it if:
1. you want your girlfriend to get over Devgan
2. you want your boyfriend to get over Sushmita
3. you want your mom to get over Amitabh
4. you want your father to get over insomnia

For the rest, watch at your own peril!


Huzaifa said...

C'mon yaar getting over Sush? Tough one.

Tohou Lidia said...

Hahaha - sounds like you didn't like the movie?? I'll save my money on it then :)


Gurdeepak said...

Quite courageous of you to have watched it! The promos only made me giddy, leave alone watching the movie :)