Monday, January 08, 2007

Promises, promises....

New year time is resolutions time, and accordingly I have drawn up a list for my husband. He should thank me for it, and probably won't. But that won't stop me from doing what's right which is to let him know what's right for him.

1. Get a six-pack.
No, not the beer but the abs.

2. Develop lesser interest in cricket.
At least, pretend to have lesser interest in cricket when I'm strutting in fancy clothes.

3. Lie, and lie well.
Try to realise that when I ask you to 'be honest', by no means am I actually asking you to be honest. Obviously. All I'm saying is that my own personal honesty is coming in the way of me considering myself Audrey Hepburn, and NOW is the time for you to unleash an Oscar-winning performance that convinces me that I'm Audrey Hepburn incarnate.

4. Stop dating the computer.
I know how much money you spend to accessorise it, how much time you spend to understand it, how you don't realise it's past midnight when you're in a program with it, how you want to turn it on the first thing in the morn, even at 7 am, and if this affair carries on any further you may find this is the only affair you are left with.

5. Give up attempts at aping Dharmendra. In fact, give up what you consider your sense of humor.

6. Start reading my blog.

Rest is censored.

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Quicksilver! said...

Good ones! Do keep us updated if the person-in-question follows any, or all, of the resolutions! ;)
Wishing you a Rapturous 2007! :)