Friday, April 14, 2006

I think my mom has thrown away my old stuff. She has an innate frenzy for cleanliness. And she believes that all old stuff (with the sole exception of photo albums) deserves to be thrown away. Over years the rest of the family has managed to mellow down her campaign for minimalism through shoutings, weepings. tantrums etc.

But the streak remains.
What is gone is my report card with my first and only A+ grade, which I'd finally managed to earn in the last term at school.

Some old english note-books, which had superior writing style than what I've been left with today.

A diary which has the opening paragraph of the first book I'd ever started to write.

Signatures and scribblings and notes passed during class from a friend who's no longer living

A list of all Doctor Who novels I'd read, and their authors, and what they were about

A class notebook of my then best-friend, which I kept to preserve his hand-writing, after he left the country for good

It's a long list of memories, and every now and then I remember something more that's gone missing, and inwardly swear, Oh F*** I've lost that!

I guess I should have carried all my stuff with me when I shifted out of my parents' house. But how do you carry a truckload of sentimental papers with you, especially when you're shifting to a cubby hole in Mumbai?



Gurdeepak said...

1. Are you still househunting?
2. I rode on my bicycle till pune on Friday, riding over 160 kms and negotiating the tough and steep climb at the ghats for a stretch of 10-15 kms. Wanted to know if you knew some people who would be interested whenever I do it next.


The One said...


Gurdeepak said...

Thanks for mentioning Ryze, I knew about it but didn't try it anytime. For this time though I was alone. Have penned down my experience on the blog.