Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Have been househunting these past few days, and it is a lousy waste of time. The brokers are currently in their first phase of selling - they're beginning by trying to break our spirit, energy and expectations by showing useless places which are way overpriced.

Apparently, that's the typical beginning for any house search, where brokers try to get the lousiest properties off their hand. I am hoping that is the case here - can hardly imagine living in what we've seen till now: dingy shoeboxes that pass off as homes! Some have cabinet-less kitchens, others have big passageways and small rooms, and then there are the houses with windows too tiny to allow for any light, and when they're big, they're either boarded up or next-door neighbours to the opposing building. And worst of all - all houses have tiny, badly designed loos! How is one supposed to live?

Meanwhile, friends advise that I must tire out the brokers before they out-tire me, and by the end of a month or two, something reasonable and worth-living will come up. I doubt I can manage to see crap for that long, but looks like have no choice :(


Gurdeepak said...

Ditto, but oflate i managed to pull off a good deal for a fully furnished house (with AC, TV, Fridge, Washing mach, Microwave, Music System, PC and even a Piano, besides the usual furniture and cutlery).

I'm feeling proud of myself.

Anonymous said...

Babe, keep going! You shall definitely find what we are looking for :) I'm counting on you!

Ask Vips to go back to that Dosti place and take another look..I think it was pretty good.