Monday, October 24, 2005

An obituary for my 26 years

I kept it at bay for an entire year, and then found me ensnared, yet again. My damn birthday.

This time I left town to escape. Ran away to Singapore last week. But even there it caught up with me, turning me 27 against all my prayers. Taking me unawares. Right there, on the luggage conveyor belt at Changi. Damn.

Oh yes - this is moping time. As I always mope on every occassion worth its salt. Anniversaries, festivals, anything regular... they all seem like performance appraisals - demanding to know - what I have to show, for the years gone by. Bossy creeps.


26 gone by

I need retail therapy


Anonymous said...
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Raccoon said...

hmmm..yeah? i love growing up and having yet another b'day...:-D